My name is Keola Nakamoto, and I’ve been a fan of Pokémon since I was young. I grew up in Hawaiʻi on the island of Maui, and I’m currently studying at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.

I started getting into the VGC scene in 2012 after discovering the World Championships for the first time on YouTube, and I participated in a couple International Challenges during Spring 2013. I went on a bit of a hiatus in the format, not realizing what I’ve been missing out, and I totally regret that to this day. I joined the Pokémon Club on my college campus, and that was where I seriously got back into VGC. I am currently representing UH Mānoa in the International Collegiate Pokémon Association along with my friends as their team captain. I also have been acquired by TiltOut Gaming as Hawaiʻi’s first sponsored Pokémon VGC player!

Outside of Pokémon, I’m an Eagle Scout, and I’m also an active member of the Order of the Arrow, a.k.a. Scouting’s National Honor Society. I recently completed my term as the Section W-6P Chief, where I was able to lead approximately 1,000 arrowmen of the Pacific Ocean from the Hawaiian Islands all the way to East Asia. I’m also a half-vegetarian, so I actually don’t eat red meat.


  • 1st Place 2016 Hawaiʻi Midseason Showdown (4/23/2016)
  • 9th Place 2015-2016 International Collegiate Pokémon Association Individual Player [ACE]
  • 2nd Place Da Planet Premier Challenge – January 2016 (1/30/2016)
  • 8th Place Fall 2015 International Collegiate Pokémon Association Individual Player [ACE]
  • 1st Place 2015 Digital Carnival (4/9/2015) [Unofficial]

Keep in Touch:
Follow Me on Twitter @KasomanVGC
Follow Me on Instagram @knakaz34
My Nugget Bridge Account


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